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Current Member Deposits

If the applicant has been a member of the Cooperative in the past twelve (12) months and has a satisfactory payment history, the applicant shall not be required to make a deposit if there is no outstanding delinquency owed the Cooperative.

The Cooperative may require a current member to make a  deposit if the member has been delinquent for two (2) consecutive months or any three (3) months within the preceding twelve (12) month period, if the customer is delinquent for at least sixty (60) days on any amount due the Cooperative, or when the service has been disconnected pursuant to the rules for non-payment.

The amount of such deposit shall be at least one sixth (1/6) of the estimated annual billings for the member at the address at which service is rendered.

If the member owes such a deposit, it will be shown on the next monthly bill.  If the deposit exceeds $70 it may be split over the next two or three bills. Failure to pay any portion of the deposit will result in disconnection, with five (5) days notice, until the deposit and any outstanding delinquency are paid.

If the applicant is an existing customer and has any outstanding delinquency owed the Cooperative or fails to establish that he/she is credit-worthy, the applicant may have to pay a deposit. The deposit shall be at $70 or 1/6 of the estimated annual billings, whichever is greater. Service shall be connected upon receipt of the deposit or disconnected until the Cooperative receives the deposit. Also, any delinquency must be fully paid before service will be rendered or if already on, continued.

If the Cooperative denies or disconnects service or requires a deposit as a condition of providing service, it will advise the applicant of the facts upon which it based its decision and provide the applicant with an opportunity to rebut such facts and show other facts demonstrating his/her credit-worthiness.

New Construction

The fee for a temporary service at a construction site is $20.00 plus deposit. Please call our office to discuss your temporary service.

If an applicant is requesting a new service at a location with no billing history and a deposit is required, then the deposit shall be from a minimum of $70 up to $200. When a new service location has been established for twelve months, the deposit shall be adjusted based upon one sixth (1/6) of the annual billing for the location.

Interest On Deposits

Deposits held more than twelve (12) months shall earn interest from date of deposit at a rate of one and a half percent (1.5%) simple annual interest. The deposit shall not earn interest after the date the deposit is credited to the customer.


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